Dr. R. Isaí Madriz is an entomologist and zoologist with expertise in freshwater aquatic insects of Patagonia. As a Fulbright-National Geographic Digital Storytelling Fellow, he will tell the story of deglaciation of the Northern Patagonia Ice Field, focusing on its vanishing aquatic insect diversity through images and stories of exploration, science and human connections. He will combine hiking, bikepacking and packrafting to transect unexplored areas and secluded fjords in search of some of the rarest insects on the planet. This low carbon footprint approach will utilize renewable energy sources to capture never before seen footage of remote glacial outlets and hidden valleys of wild Patagonia. Madriz will document the largely unknown endemic aquatic insect fauna of this vital region before Aysén’s biodiversity is transformed forever.


2012 – 2017  PhD: Entomology
Iowa State University
Ames, Iowa, USA

2010 – 2011 Electron Microscopy Specialization
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)
Mexico City, Mexico

2003 – 2007 Bachelor of Science: Zoology
Bachelor of Science: Biology
Humboldt State University
Arcata, California, USA


Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)
Applied Transmission Electron Microscopy.
Applied Scanning Electron Microscopy.

Iowa State University
Medical Entomology (ENT 574)
Insect Physiology (ENT 555)
Systematic Entomology (ENT 576)
Aquatic Insects (ENT 525)
Advance Systematics (ENT 568)
Special topic in Molecular Entomology (ENT 590G)
Special topic in Evolution and Systematics (ENT 590D)
Special topic in Medical and Veterinary Entomology (ENT 590F)
Special topics in Toxicology (ENT 590I)



2012 – Present Iowa State Insect Collection: Ames, Iowa, USA
Management, development, digitizing and enhancing of pinned and alcohol entomological collection. Supervise undergraduate student research project design and execution.  Fulltime volunteer collection manager. Supervisor: Gregory W. Courtney.

2014 – Present Mosquito Surveillance Program: Ames, Iowa, USA
Trapping and identification of mosquito species across the state of Iowa for mosquito-borne disease monitoring.  Collaborator. Supervisor: Brendan Dunphy.

2011  The Field Museum of Natural History: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Collection organization and cryogenic facility specimen preparation. Specimen-based research and identification for the family Staphylinidae. Associate.  Supervisor: Margaret Thayer.

2009 – 2010  Fundación Patagonia Natural: Puerto Madryn, Argentina
Intern and volunteer training in biodiversity survey techniques in remote locations, wilderness survival, vegetation surveys, wildlife tracking, capture and monitoring with emphasis on mountain lions (Puma concolor). Wildlife conservation liaison with local sustainable farms. Field biologist. Supervisor: Jose Maria Musmeci.

2009 – 2010  Centro Nacional Patagonico (CENPAT): Puerto Madryn, Argentina
Field data organizing and reporting for plant surveys, growth and water absorption in the Peninsula de Valdez and Puerto Madryn area. Assistant field biologist.

2009  Wildlife Refuge La Esperanza: Peninsula Valdez, Argentina
Research and development of mathematical formulas to accurately date diseased endemic fauna; tracking feeding patterns of endemic carnivores, using forensic entomology techniques. Formulation of field research techniques with limited budget. Wildlife rehabilitation and care. Lead researcher. Supervisor: Julian Andrejuk.

2008  Monteverde Butterfly Garden: Monteverde, Costa Rica
Tropical arthropod fauna capture, identification, specimen mounting and collection care for education purposes. Field guiding and interpretation on insects and arachnids of Costa Rica focusing in the Monte Verde cloud forest fauna. Full time biologist.

2008  El Colegio de la Frontera Sur (ECOSUR): Chetumal Bay, Quintana Roo,   México
Public outreach program and scientific research on behavior and use of the habitat of the manatee (Trichechus manatus manatus) in the Chetumal Bay, México. Full time field biologist. Supervisor: Nataly Castelblanco.

2003 – 2007  Humboldt State University Entomology Collection: Arcata, California, USA
Curation, collection management, electron microscopy imaging and taxonomic identification for the entomology collection. Capture, collection and identification of all major aquatic and terrestrial groups in northern California. Volunteer curator. Supervisor: Michael Camann.

2005 – 2007  North Coast Marine Mammal Rescue Center: Crescent City, CA, USA
Capture, rescue and rehabilitation techniques of marine mammals in northern California. Volunteer researcher.
2006 – 2007 Humboldt State University Vertebrate Museum: Arcata, California, USA
Dermestidae beetle colony husbandry, re-collection and preparation of vertebrate specimens and mounting of skeletons. Volunteer curator. Supervisor: Michael King.

2004  Humboldt State University Marine Ecology Lab: Trinidad, California, USA
Natural and anthropogenic disturbances in the intertidal zone in Patrick’s Point State Park. Volunteer researcher.



Fall 2014 – ISIC (Iowa State Insect Collection) Curatorial Training Program: Iowa Present  State University
Principles of management, development, physical security and long term integrity of the ISIC. Mentees: Taylor Best, Stephanie Burkhart, Brittany Clark, Andrew Guinness, Taea Johnson, Sara Jones, Javon Latimore, Sarah May, Misha Nixon, Ashley Stow, Kayla Treinten, Kameron Voves & Selah Zaldarriaga.

Fall 2014 – Aquatic Insects of Iowa Bio-monitoring and Identification Program: Iowa Present  State University
Development of aquatic insect identification keys for K12 educational programs. Mentees: Joshua Byrne, Chelsea Jackson & Micaela Zagar.

Fall 2016–  Structural organization of primitive crane fly wings. Iowa State University
Present Artistic delineation of wing structure across the Tanyderidae (Diptera). Mentees: Brianna Monroe & Frankie Szynkie.

Spring 2015 – The Hoverflies of Iowa (Diptera: Syrphidae): Iowa State University
2016  Development of taxonomic checklist and identification guide of the hoverflies of Iowa based on specimens at the Iowa State Insect Collection. Mentee: Brittany Clark.

Spring 2016 Aquatic insects of southern chilean Patagonia. Iowa State University
Identification of aquatic Diptera from southern chilean streams in old growth temperate forests. Mentee: Kameron Voves.

Fall 2015 Implementing and illustrating contemporary museum techniques: Iowa State University
Development of insect museum curatorial techniques and protocol formulation. Mentees: Shawna Snyder

Fall 2015 Curation in the modern age, utilization of the Bugeye machine and software: Iowa State University
Database, digitization and curation of aquatic Diptera in the Iowa State Insect Collection (ISIC). Mentee: Brittany Clark.

Summer 2015 ISIC Resource managing & material conservation apprenticeship: Iowa State University
Insect museum management, curatorial techniques and material reutilization. Apprentices: Manuel Cordero, Taea Johnson & Shawna Snyder

Summer 2015 Net-winged midges of Patagonia (Diptera: Blephariceridae): Iowa State University
Training and overseeing specimen preparation and illustrations of new species of net-winged midges (Diptera: Blephariceridae). Mentee: Alexander Mykris.

Spring 2015 Digitization of the Iowa State Insect Collection: Iowa State University
Curation and digitization of the entomological collection. Mentees: Taylor Best, Javon Latimore & Sara Jones.

Spring 2015 A Visual Guide to Culicid Curation (Diptera: Culicidae): Iowa State University
Visualization and rendering of an illustrated guide for proper mosquito curation including pinning, pointing and staging of specimens. Mentee: Alexander Mykris.

Spring 2015 – Butterfly parasites from Reiman Gardens: A Taxonomic Checklist: Iowa Summer 2016 State University
Taxonomic identification of endoparasites from different insect orders found in international shipments of Lepidoptera. Project in collaboration with the Reiman Gardens. Mentee: Sara Jones.

Spring 2015 The Mosquitoes of Iowa (Diptera: Culicidae): Iowa State University
Development of identification guides to the mosquitoes of Iowa. Mentee: Selah Zaldarriaga.

Spring 2015 The Cockroaches of Iowa (Blattodea): Iowa State University
Development of taxonomic checklist of the cockroaches of Iowa based on specimens at the Iowa State Insect Collection. Mentee: Javon Latimore.

Spring 2015 Mosquito Delineation and Structure Project (Diptera: Culicidae): Iowa State University
Classic and digital illustration of mosquito structure for use and development of multi-access keys. Mentees: Chelsea Jackson, Alexandria McGuire, Shawna Snyder, Selah Zaldarriaga & Kate Zumach.

Spring 2015 Entomological Collection and Curation: Laboratory Guide Chapter for General Entomology Class (ENT 370): Iowa State University
Detailed illustrations of curatorial techniques for the different orders of insects. Mentee: Lukas Baner.

Spring 2015 A Life Cycle Synopsis of Aedes triseriatus in the Midwest: Iowa State University
Life cycle and distribution of Aedes triseriatus in the Midwestern region of the United States. An illustrative representation. Mentee:  Alexander Mykris.

Fall 2013 Science with Practice: Iowa State University
Insect resin encapsulation protocol development with emphasis on immature aquatic life stages. Mentee: Grace Sward.

Summer 2013  George Washington Carver Internship Program: Iowa State University
Aquatic insect field collection techniques, taxonomic identification and application of data on DNR biomonitoring-based project. Mentee: Manuel Cordero.

Spring 2013 Iowa Master Gardener Program: Iowa State University
Workshop on general entomology, pest identification and basic horticulture for adult citizens of Iowa. Volunteer Lecturer.


Mosquito Surveillance and Curation (ENT 270LX). (Fall 2016 – Present)
Mosquito structure, biology, life history, trapping, rearing, identification, curation of specimens, theory of vector control and molecular testing techniques. Laboratory and field-based. Instructor.

Insect Biology (ENT 370). (2013 – Present)
Lecture on the life stages and taxonomic identification to the family level of the major insect orders. Instructing students on insect taxonomic identification, field collection and specimen preservation techniques. Set up laboratory sessions, designed examinations and performed overall grading of the class and insect collections. Teaching Assistant.

Aquatic Insects (ENT 425). (Spring 2015 – Present)
Assisting students in identification of the major aquatic insect from the United States to genus level, development of taxonomic collection, curation, capture and identification techniques. Volunteer Laboratory Assistant

Systematic Entomology (ENT 576). (Fall 2014 & 2016)
Lecture on morphology, diversity, and significance of major insect families to graduate students. Development of collection, curation and identification techniques. Laboratory Proctor.



WILDLIFE ILLUSTRATION TECHNIQUES.  Aysén, Chile (2016) Short Course / workshop developed and co-taught with Dr. B. Reid, Centro de Investigación de Ecosistemas de la Patagonia. The course focused on general illustration techniques of live invertebrates. Participants included 9 middle school students from southern Chile.


INSECTS. Menlo Park, CA. (2015). Insect biodiversity and tanyderid fauna of the world. Participants included 12 middle school students.


Madriz, R.I. 2015. XII. Collection and curatorial information. Laboratory Manual: Entomology 370 – Insect Biology Laboratory Guide. Iowa State University Bookstore, Ames, Iowa.

Clark, B.A., Saldarriaga, S. & Madriz, R.I. 2015. Laboratory Manual: Entomology 270L Mosquito Surveillance and Curation Laboratory Guide.

Madriz, R.I. [in preparation]. Identification Guide to the Aquatic Insects of Iowa.



Madriz, R.I. & Courtney, G. W. 2016.  The Neotropical tanyderid Araucoderus gloriosus (Alexander) (Diptera, Tanyderidae), with description of the egg, larva and pupa, redescription of adults, and notes on natural history. Zootaxa 4158 (3): 325 – 351.

Curler G.R., Moulton, J. & Madriz, R.I. 2015. Redescription of Aposacorax chilensis (tonnoir) (Diptera: Psychodidae: Sycoracinae) with the first identification of a blood meal host for the species. Zootaxa 4048 (1): 114 – 126.

Madriz, R.I., Mykris, A.N. & Curler, G.R. [submitted] A novel approach to homology using 3D models and interactive software. Methods in Ecology and Evolution.

Madriz, R.I., Curler, G.R., Courtney, G.W. In preparation. Tanyderidae a phylogenetic treatment. (To be submitted to Systematic Entomology).

Madriz, R.I., Astorga, A. & Courtney, G. W. In preparation. Rediscovery of the enigmatic Neoderus patagonicus (Diptera: Tanyderidae) with first record of male and notes on ecology. (To be submitted to Aquatic Insects)

Book Chapters (peer-reviewed)
Madriz, R.I. [in press]. Chapter 15, Tanyderidae. In: Kirk-Spriggs, A & Sinclair, B., eds., Manual of Afrotropical Diptera. Volume 1. South Africa: South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI).

Madriz, R.I. & Curler, G.R. In preparation. Chapter 38, Tanyderidae. In: Couri, M., de Carvalho, C.J.B., Lamas, C.J.E., Nihei, S.S., Amorim, D.S, Rafael, J.A. & Mathis, W. Manual of the South American Diptera. Volume 1.

Non peer-reviewed
Madriz, R.I. 2016. Rediscovery of One of the Rarest Species of Tanyderidae: An Anecdotal Field Account. Fly Times 56: 14-17. (Newsletter of the North American Dipterist Society). http://www.nadsdiptera.org/News/FlyTimes/issue56.pdf

Madriz, R.I. 2015. XII. Collection and curatorial information. Laboratory Manual: Entomology 370 – Insect Biology Laboratory Guide. Iowa State University Bookstore, Ames, Iowa.

Clark, B., Zaldarriaga, S. & Madriz, R.I. 2015. Laboratory Manual: Entomology 270L Mosquito Surveillance and Curation Laboratory Guide.

Madriz, R.I. [in preparation]. Identification Guide to the Aquatic Insects of Iowa.



Implementing and Illustrating Contemporary Museum Techniques
Snyder, S., Madriz, R.I. & Courtney, G.W.
Science with practice poster presentation symposium. Ames, Iowa, December 9, 2015

Curation in the Modern Age, Utilization of the Bugeye Machine and Software
Clark, B., Madriz, R.I. & Courtney, G.W.
Science with practice poster presentation symposium. Ames, Iowa, December 9, 2015

The Iowa State Insect Collection
Jones, S. & Madriz, R.I.
Science with practice poster presentation symposium. Ames, Iowa, April 27, 2015

Iowa State Insect Collection Digitizing Utilizing the Bugeye Machine and Software
Latimore, J. & Madriz, R.I.
Science with practice poster presentation symposium. Ames, Iowa, April 27, 2015

The Bugeye Project
Best, T. & Madriz, R.I.
Science with practice poster presentation symposium. Ames, Iowa, April 27, 2015

Bio-Monitoring Project: Aquatic Insect Immatures Identification Key
Zagar, M., Mitchell, G., Byrne, J. & Madriz, R.I.
Science with Practice poster presentation symposium, Ames, Iowa. April 27, 2015

Aquatic Insects in Biomonitoring and Ecological Education
Byrne, J., Mitchell, G., Zagar, M. & Madriz, R.I.
Science with practice poster presentation symposium. Ames, Iowa, April 27, 2015

Illustrating the Top Eleven Most Medically Relevant Mosquito Species of the Midwest, and the Process of Illustrating a Lucid Key for Mosquito Species.
Snyder, S., Zumach, K., Jackson, C., Zaldarriaga, S., McGuire, A. & Madriz, R.I.
Symposium on Undergraduate Research & Creative Expression, Ames, Iowa April 14, 2015

Bio-Monitoring Project: Immature Insects Identification Key
Zagar, M., Mitchell, G. & Madriz, R.I.
Science with Practice, Ames, Iowa. November 23, 2014

Identification of Chemosensory Responses in the Filarial Worm, Brugia malayi
Fraser, L.L., Madriz, R.I., Bartholomay, L.C. & Kimber, M.J.
American Society of Tropical Medicine (ASTM) 63rd Annual meeting, November 2-4, 2014

Redescription of Aposacorax chilensis (tonnoir) (Diptera: Psychodidae: Sycoracinae) with the First Identification of a Blood Meal Host for the Species
Curler, G.R., Moulton, J. & Madriz, R.I.
8th International Congress of Dipterology, Postdam, Germany, August 10-15, 2014

A Glossary of Morphological Terminology of Male Terminalia in Psychodidae (Diptera)
Ibañez-Bernal, S., Kvifte, G.F., Curler, G.R. & Madriz, R.I.
8th International Congress of Dipterology, Postdam, Germany, August 10-15, 2014

Biomonitoring Using Aquatic Insects
Cordero, M., Madriz, R.I. & Courtney, G.W.
George Washington Carver Symposium, Ames, Iowa, August 2013



Project title:  Evanescing diversity.
Source: Fulbright-National Geographic (U.S. Department of State)
Madriz’s role:  Principal Investigator.

Project title:  A survey of Alaskan mosquito biodiversity.
Source: United States National Park Service (The Murie Science and Learning Center Program of Research Fellowships)
Madriz’s role:  Project coordinator. (Did not participate due to schedule conflicts)



Project title:  Southern Chilean streams in old growth temperate forests as a reference for watershed management: relative importance for maintaining biodiversity, ecosystem function and ecosystem services.
Source: Fondo Nacional de Desarrollo Científico y Tecnológico (FONDECYT), (Chile Government)
Collaborating Investigator:  Dr. A. Astorga, Instituto de Ecología y Biodiversidad (IEB)
Madriz’s role:  Research collaborator / Diptera collection and identification coordinator.

Project title:  The forgotten diversity.
Source: Richardson Research Incentive Grant: Iowa State University (Department of Entomology)
Madriz’s role:  Principal Investigator.

Other Grants and Awards
2017 Research Excellence Award: Iowa State University Graduate College.
2016 Teaching Award GPSS (Graduate and Professional Student Senate)
2015 Dr. Jean L. Laffoon Memorial Scholarship: Iowa State University.
2015 Teaching Excellence Award: Iowa State University Graduate College.
2015 Biosystematics Travel Fund: Iowa State University. (Research in Pacific North West, USA)
2013 Biosystematics Travel Fund: Iowa State University. (Research in Patagonia, Chile).
2012 Biosystematics Travel Fund: Iowa State University. (Research in Washington
D.C. USA).



Graduate co-advisor (as Primary content expert)
Alex Mykris. University of Toronto. Canada. 2011- present. The Digital Dissector: 3D models and interactive media as a means of visualizing comparative insect morphology. [M.S.C]
Undergraduate mentoring
Museum collection curatorial training: Taylor Best, Stephanie Burkhart, Brittany Clark, Manuel Cordero, Andrew Guinness, Chelsea Jackson, Sara Jones, Sarah May, Javon Latimore, Misha Nixon, Shawna Snyder, Ashley Stow, Grace Sward, Kayla Treinten, Kameron Voves, Selah Zaldarriaga.
Research mentor: Taylor Best, Stephanie Burkhart, Brittany Clark, Manuel Cordero, Drake Falcon, Andrew Guinness, Sara Jones, Javon Latimore, Alexander Mykris, Jacklyn Sanchez, Grace Sward, Micaela Zagar.
Students trained in biological illustration: Jordan Angell, Lukas Baner, Joshua Byrne, Laura Ekl, Chelsea Jackson, Alexandria McGuire, Brianna Monroe, Alexander Mykris, Caitlin Pace, Shawna Snyder, Frankie Szynkie, Selah Zaldarriaga, Katherine Zumach.
High School internship mentor
George Washington Carver Minority Program: Taea Johnson